Spotify innebär visst pengar för artisterna

Marcus Olsson,

Kalle Magnusson, vid skivbolaget Hybris, har skrivit en intressant text om hur det är en myt att Spotify inte innebär några intäcker för artisterna.

”Spotify doesn’t give money to artists!” I do not know how many times I’ve heard it. And yes, running record labels or music companies in the 2000s has its problems. But if people only knew what Spotify’s latest six months has meant for Swedish musicians and music companies they’d be surprised.


Today, a huge fan base and lots of attention mean lots of plays on Spotify. And lots of plays on Spotify means a good income. These are exciting times for Hybris and our artists. We will soon have 500 songs in our catalogue, and Spotify has become by far the most profitable stream for us – almost 80% of our revenue comes from Spotify. And payments are increasing all the time.

Uppdaterat 2022-02-19: Länk död