What To Do When You Get Sherlocked By Apple

Marcus Olsson,

Astropad som har produkten Luna Display skriver ärligt och intressant om hur de anser att de blev "Sherlocked" av Apple under WWDC i sommras i.o.m. utannonseringen av att Sidecar kommer att bli en intregrerad funktion i macOS Catalina.

It’s pretty standard for at least a few third-party developers to get crushed during Apple’s annual press conference. At some point in the presentation, Apple will announce a new OS feature, while some developer watches in disbelief as Apple swindles their entire business.


But now that the Sidecar dust has settled, I want to share our experience with other players in the Apple ecosystem. My intent is two-fold: On a personal level, it’s therapeutic to reflect on how this has impacted our work. But more importantly, my hope is that by candidly sharing our story, I can pass along some of the painful insights we learned along the way — like how you can prevent getting sherlocked, and what to do if it happens to you.

Ett par dagar efter inlägget presenterade de sin nya feature, "Mac-to-Mac mode" där man kan använda en annan Mac som en extern skärm. Astropad tuffar vidare.

Astropad Luna Mac-to-Mac Astropad Luna, Mac-to-Mac. Bild via Astropad.