12-inch MacBook review

Marcus Olsson,

The Verge recenserar Apples nya MacBook.

Here's a crazy surprise I didn't expect: my 13-inch MacBook Air felt big and clunky after I went back to it. And make no mistake, the MacBook Air is itself a wonder of engineering. Yet compared to the new MacBook it felt like a heavy, kind of ugly throwback with a mediocre screen. I really didn't want to go back to that Air.

But I still went back.

You see, the problem with the future is that it isn't here yet. Instead we live in the now, and the now doesn't have the ecosystem of adapters and wireless peripherals I need to use this laptop with its single port. The now doesn't have the right processor to power through the apps I need without ruining battery life. And right now, this laptop is far from cheap at $1,299.

Ser helt klart den nya MacBook:en som framtiden för Apples laptops. Men som alltid med Apples nya produkter; man bör avvakta ett år eller två innan man får något som är riktigt värt priset.