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About Marcus Olsson

Marcus Olsson is a freelancing web developer and web designer in Borås, Sweden.

After studying abroad in Japan for two years, Marcus came back to Sweden to study web development at "web development program" at the Linnaeus University.

Most of his time he spends on writing code for different projects. Marcus also write articles; both on this website, and also previously he wrote about games and digital culture in the Swedish newspaper "City Skåne".

During his stay in Japan, he also wrote a in a very popular travel diary.

While he isn't working or writing, he spends most of his time with his wife Hanna and his friends.

Marcus have knowledge in a verity of different programming languages, such as Javascript, PHP, Python, C# and SQL.

His favorite frameworks and platforms are Lithium, Laravel and the CMSes Wordpress and ExpressionEngine.

A selection of fields of knowledge

Supporter of

I support the non-profit organization, an organization that passes on "micro loans" to people in countries that lack a traditional banking system.

When you hire me, you in turn help people to start up companies and make it possible for young people to finish their school. Read more on, and take a look at my Kiva-profile.

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